Ashleigh Droste – School Counselor/Student Services Director

Ashleigh is in her 4th year at Walkerville.

She grew up in Potterville, Michigan, and had an interesting experience at school that ignited her passion for becoming an educator.

“In high school, it felt like the counselor was only available to help certain people,” she said. “So I wanted to go into counseling to help every student.  I believe every student has unique gifts and talents and education can open doors for bringing them out.”

“Sometimes a student just needs one other person to support them,” she said. “I thought it was cool too, the way our teachers and school came together to provide a family who had fallen on hard times with what they needed to get by. It showed the true colors of our school and our people.”

Ashleigh appreciates all the special perks of her position.

“I get to work with wonderful people you can rely on and who are always ready to help” she said, “Plus, I get to work with students of all ages, so no one day is ever the same. Our students are amazingly resilient and I feel like I’m able to positively impact students’ lives.”

This doesn’t mean Ashleigh doesn’t have a life outside of school, though.

“I like sewing, traveling, listening to the Zac Brown Band, and spending time with my family,” she said.

Contact Information

Phone (231) 873-4850 ext. 3303

email – adroste@walkerville.k12.mi.us