Students & Parents!

In a few days, our school district will be completing a Continuity of Learning Plan (COL) for the State of MIchigan.
Student achievement is important to us, and because our COL plan will include an online learning component, we are asking both students and parents to watch the 4- minute video below. The short video offers tips for successful online learning.

VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/kJa0PEUnnsM

This is just a starting point as we begin online & distance learning together.

While we would love our COL plan to be successful right from the get-go, we know that “success” for online and distance learners has not been clearly defined yet.  Getting used to daily instruction that is not face-to-face will be a new educational experience for many of our teachers, students, and parents. But we will learn, adapt, and be patient with each other all along the way.

We want to roll out online & distance learning with minimal stress.

Every family – including my family and our collective school family – has its own day-to-day routines and expectations. As we go on this new online and distance learning journey together, let’s all find ways to grow from this experience. Our school leaders, administrators, teachers, and support staff are working very hard to make this future journey beneficial for EVERY student and parent who joins us in making their best effort.We’re an awesome school family and I know we’ll step up and work together as we must in this time of change and uncertainty.
Thank you for watching the video.