– note from Principal Joe Conkle –

Dear Walkerville community,

It has been a very busy couple of weeks since we dismissed our students in March. 

I know that there are many of you who have questions and concerns about what the future will look like for your student and I hope this message can address a few of them.

We are currently developing a more detailed learning plan that will give your student access to high quality opportunities for education. 

This learning plan will be grounded in a combination approach using online options like Khan Academy, ESPARK, Prodigy and others. We will also provide hard copy packets with grade level appropriate teacher designed lessons and content. 

We understand this new learning plan in no way compares to the learning our students receive in the classroom with their teacher, but we will overcome this challenge together. 

There have also been many understandable questions about whether students will be automatically advanced to the next grade level, and if our seniors will graduate and so on.

The Governor’s direction was clear that students shall not be punished due to this crisis, and we share this belief in our district as well.

All students who were adequately passing their classes at the time of our school closure will be advanced to the next grade level.

Additionally, all students not currently earning passing grades when our school was closed will be given opportunities over the next few weeks to demonstrate they have met their required coursework to earn passing grade.  

We are committed to properly honoring our graduates in Walkerville’s Class of 2020. Just because we closed our school does not mean we are not proud of their accomplishments! So, we are actively discussing and exploring all possible alternatives for recognitions and celebrations. Stay tuned to this section of our website and check in our Facebook as well for future details. 

As always, God bless, stay safe, and healthy!

Principal Conkle