Cynthia Erickson, English/World Language Teacher

phone: 231-873-4850 ext. 3309

email: cerickson@walkerville.k12.mi.us

Mrs. Erickson has been teaching English, writing, and French in Walkerville for four years.

She has a double-claim to the “Wildcat” logo.

Not only is she part of the Walkerville school family today – she is a Montague Wildcat grad.

Mrs. Erickson enjoys “a beautiful drive” into school from Whitehall every school day, especially as working with older students gives her the opportunity to witness students create writing that matters and is entirely original.

“I appreciate our small class sizes” she said. “I’m able to build good relationships with students beginning in their 7th grade year.”

Mrs. Erickson will never forget the time in English 9 when the class was reviewing literary devices using song lyrics. When Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” was played, the entire class sang together in unison, unified in the moment.

“It’s my hope to inspire students,” she said. “To inspire them to create something from what they learned in class, and to share in each other’s achievement.”

It was back in 8th grade that Mrs. Erickson caught the travel bug after returning from a youth group trip to Jamaica.

She has since traveled all over the North American continent with other destinations on her list.

“And you just never know,” she said. “One of my goals is to take a group of students sometime to France.”