Caitlin Grabill, Science Teacher

Caitlin Grabill is committed to teaching science both inside the classroom and in life.  This is her first year at Walkerville teaching Secondary Science.  She loves that science is ever changing and that almost every day there is something new to be taught.  If she wasn’t a teacher she probably would have been a research zoologist.  Caitlin is passionate about getting to know her students and learning about their personal goals and dreams, and being in a smaller district like Walkerville affords her this opportunity.  Caitlin’s passion in life is working with animals and she has always put the majority of her time in the care of her 4-H/FFA animal projects.  She continues her work caring for her dog, 2 horses, and 2 chickens.

One thing that may surprise her students is that she can hula hoop…on stilts!

Contact Information

phone: 231-873-4850 ext. 3320

email: cgrabill@walkerville.k12.mi.us