November 17, 2020

Dear Parents and Students:

On Sunday, November 15th, 2020, the decision by the state of Michigan to transition all high school students to virtual learning was announced.  This decision requires Walkerville Public Schools to modify its method and mode of instruction for our high school students. 

In response we are planning on Wednesday November 18th, 2020, to transition to remote learning for these students, with an expected return to school date of Wednesday, December 9th, 2020. 

The following expectations will be followed in order for WPS to offer the best possible learning experience for these students. 

We will maintain our current Daily Class Schedule
• Students will be required to attend all scheduled classes at their scheduled times via google classroom.

  • Attendance will be taken, grades will be determined based on completion of assigned work, eligibility for athletic participation will still be determined, and all other things that would normally be done as classroom activities are still expected to be completed during the virtual classroom. 

    All organized athletics have been cancelled.
    • All organized practices and competitions have been cancelled. 
    • We are planning to resume these on December 9th, subject to further changes and/or new information from the state.

    We understand that this is a very challenging time, and as such more information about our free breakfast and lunch programs that are available will be coming to you. Every student is still entitled to these, and we will continue to provide all resources needed to make this temporary learning environment a success. 

We appreciate all of your understanding as we work together to create a safe and rigorous learning experience for all of our students.   


Dr. Thomas Langdon

Mr. Joe Conklin