David Van Horn, 2nd Grade Teacher

Please meet David Van Horn!  Mr. Van Horn has been teaching for 22 years.  This is his first year at Walkerville Public Schools teaching second grade.  He grew up in Indianapolis, IN.  Mr. Van Horn’s passion in life is to serve others and that’s why teaching is a perfect fit for him.  His favorite teacher when he was in school was his sixth grade teacher, “We always felt special in his class.  He made us feel like superstars!”  Remembering that feeling, he makes an effort to build positive relationships and inspire his own students.  And because of the connections he’s making, he often finds loving notes on his desk written to him by his students.  Mr. Van Horn loves teaching so much that he feels like he hasn’t had to work in 22 years!  “I get paid to do what I love to do, TEACH!”  At Walkerville, Mr. Van Horn appreciates how friendly everyone in the district is and the way they all pull together for the benefit of the students.

Want to know something super cool about Mr. Van Horn?!  He can juggle AND ride a unicycle!

Contact Information

phone: 231-873-4850 ext. 3315

email: dvanhorn@walkerville.k12.mi.us