Make Your Vote Count!

Tuesday, August 4

You can help WPS build  a better future for our students and for our community.

We’re living in a uniquely challenging time.

Every school district must now prepare to provide quality teaching and learning this fall – both in the classroom and remotely – in new ways and under new guidelines.

Many Michigan school districts are also facing issues with aging facilities. They have created dedicated “sinking funds” with the approval of their voters to pay for major repairs, heating and cooling improvements, and technology upgrades.

Sinking funds help school districts keep more resources in their educational program.

There are more details below about the August 4 election.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know. Send me a quick email with your phone number and I’ll call you. Thanks!

Tom Langdon, Superintendent  


What our school district is asking you and other voters                  

Walkerville Public Schools is asking you and other voters to help fund the creation of a “sinking fund” to cover the significant future costs of major repairs, heating and cooling improvements, and technology upgrades. Creating a sinking fund protects the limited resources WPS needs for educational programs and services.

Please consider the NEED

Time has caught up with a number of WPS facility needs. And these needs are much larger than what the district’s routine maintenance budget can address.  A “sinking fund” will help WPS respond to aging roofs, heating & cooling units, the bus maintenance building, plumbing improvements, paving, siding, technology upgrades, and more.

Please consider the IMPACT

The future of WPS and our community shines brighter when we are able to respond to significant facility and infrastructure needs without taking dollars away from instructional programs and services.

Please consider the COST

The “sinking fund” request on the ballot asks for a 1.5 mill levy for five years. Because the current 1 mill obligation expires this year, the total increase if approved by voters works out to be ½ mill (.5).

A $50,000 home ($25,000 taxable SEV) = approx. $13 per year extra

A $100,000 home ($50,000 taxable SEV) = approx. $26 per year extra

Thank you for considering the future!

Remember to vote Tuesday, August 4.

Bernard Aiken, Trustee               

Ray Dornbush, Trustee                

Bob Fisher, Trustee                      

Rich Hornsby, Trustee                 

John Kirwin, Trustee                    

Michelle Tanner, Trustee

George Wolgamott, Trustee

Joe Conkle, Principal

Dr. Tom Langdon, Superintendent