There is much to be thankful for in WPS!

Our Wildcats got their Thanksgiving holiday off to a great start.

Every year the Walkerville kitchen staff pulls out all the stops and creates a wonderful feast for students to enjoy with their classmates and teachers.

Walkerville’s Winter Olympics!

Week 1 results shown here.

From February 7th through March 18th, the Junior High and High School classes participated and competed in the Walkerville Winter Olympics, sponsored by the PBIS committee (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports). Led by a teacher/coach, the grade level classes worked each week toward increased and improved attendance, assignment completion, school spirit Fridays and earning PBIS recognition “tickets” while also working to decrease behavior referrals to the office. Weekly prizes to the winning classes included cookies, candy, a giant jumbo bag of Wesco popcorn and items of their choice from the cafeteria. At the conclusion/closing ceremonies, a “gold medal” winner was announced and an overall class prize given. We are proud to congratulate the 7th grade class and their coach, Mrs. Babbin! The class was treated to an afternoon that included a pizza lunch, movie at Fremont cinemas and popcorn/pop. Mrs. Babbin was given a gift certificate to pick out new classroom furniture! We can’t wait to see her choices! Congratulations to the 7th grade, Mrs. Babbin and the Junior/Senior High students on a great month! It’s a great time to be a Wildcat! 

February Student of the Month

Elisha M
Ella S
Iroha Y
Julian S
Julietta T
Skye V
Hunter T
Alexia A
Ruebie Q
Syrus A
Jesus S
Evianna V
Alina G
Lucian M
Josiah W
Macy G
Colter W
Trenton W
Johnathan F
Paige S
Marrison S
Novalee T
Gabby D
Claire B
Sarissa C
Kassidy C
Anthony S
Elin W
Isabella D
Cypress B

Some students were absent for the picture.

Title 1 Family Math Night

January Student of the Month:

Gabino R
Kennedy S
Iroha Y
Jeffrey M
Chloe M
Madysen C

Julie S
Collin C
Bryana A
Levie W
Braden C
Anabelle F

Andrea R
Gage J
Lilian F
Lucian M
Nolan C
Karissa D

Earl A
Danyelle L
Penelope S
Ricardo S
Kelsey G
Sahriyah G

Isabel B
Valerie S
Phoenix F
Ethan S
Nevaeh B

Lilian P
Macy O
Carson I
Zander M
Bentley M

Honor Roll

Congratulations to our 2nd Marking Period A Honor Roll Students

12th Grade: Lilian Fessenden, Iroha Yamaguchi

11th Grade: Earl Alms, Karissa DeCheney, Elisha MacDonald, Hunter Oomen, Isabella Storm, Josiah Walker, Malikia Walker

10th Grade: Cadence Peets, Andrea Rivera, Ella Smith

9th Grade: Cora White

5th Grade: Noe Arredondo Jr., Gabriela Berumen, Evan Conkle, Moll Fetterhoff, Elyzah Hambright, Corbin Hill, Grace Riggs, Alyssa Shafer, Novaleee Torres

4th Grade: Isabella Diaz, Onyx Fulford, Brailey Hambright, Carson Ingersoll, Zoey Knapp, Elin Walker, Easton Wolgamott

Congratulations to our 2nd Marking Period AB Honor Roll Students

12th Grade: Janessa Jacobs, Sandy Mendoza

11th Grade: Wyatt Achterhof, Bryana Arredondo, Taylor Carr Chloe Mast Cindy Mendoza

10th Grade: Collin Chase, Macy Garrett, Angel Santillan Lopez

9th Grade: Alina Gonzalez-Mendoza, Jeffery Margret

8th grade: Mevaeh Blair, Anabelle Gessenden, Angel Jared Gonzalez-Mendoza, Jordan Oomen, Lexi Oomen, HeavenRodriguez, Maria Rodriguez

7th Grade: Alexia Arellano, Lazarus Banwell, Lilian Payne, Paige Sadenwater, Ayla White

6th Grade: Isabel Babbin, Anthony Shafer, Marrison Simpson

5th Grade: Cypress Banwell, Phoenix Fulford, Caitlynn Moore, Jaxson Oomen, Kaylee Ragen, Andres Rodriguez, HughTanner, Alejandro Vega, Emily Wilkinson

4th Grade: Lana Brimmer, Easton Flanery, Johnathan Franklin, Nahcir Griff-Sawyer, Jorden Hanes, Gage Kirwin, Max Masta, Blake Smith

2021-2022 Homecoming Court.

Students will be crowned during the Homecoming game this Friday evening.

The Homecoming Dance is on Saturday.

Fischer B
Jesus S
Lucian M
Lilian F
Janessa J
Julianna S
Malikia W
Hunter M
Aaron A
JeHara D
Jaymes C
Jude H

Mrs. Cygeirt’s Kindergarten class is celebrating the end of their reading unit on Toys and Play with the creation of their own toys.

Project Wildcat/Summer pics

Mackinac Island Field Trip

The Project Wildcat Summer Program took Field Trip # 3 to Mackinac Island. The students took 2 big charter buses, rode a ferry across Lake Superior, and took carriage rides around the Island.  They learned a ton of history on the trip. Despite the rainy & cold weather they were all smiles all day.

Medieval Times Field Trip

Our Project Wildcat students took charter buses on their  Field Trip # 2 to Chicago to watch a show and catch dinner at Medieval Times. 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Mrs. Byers & Miss Tammy took their 2nd/3rd grade Project Wildcat class over to visit some Nigerian Dwarf goats. They fed them some treats and learned a little about the animals.

Camp Newaygo

The first week of our summer program was spent at Camp Newaygo

Grill Out lunch on June 4

Track and Field Week

Walkerville Named a Recipient of a Library Grant

Today, May 18, Walkerville Public Schools was one of 205 schools to receive a grant through the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries. Read the Press Release here.


Congratulations to the class of 2021 Valedictorian, James Hasse, and Salutatorian, Mykaela Berumen.  All the years in Walkerville, your dedication and hard work have paid off. We are proud of you and your achievement.

M3 Honor Roll List

A Honor Roll

12th Grade: Mykaela Berumen, James Hasse, Stephanie Marteaux Aguilar, Nancy Rivera, Sarah Sierra
9th Grade: Macy Garrett, Cadence Peets, Andrea Rivera
8th Grade: Jaymes Conklin, Mateo Fetterhof, Azaliah MacDonald
7th Grade: Angel Carrillo, Braden Crew, Lexi Oomen, Heaven Rodriguez
5th Grade: Isabel Babbin, Marrison Simpson
4th Grade: Noe Arredondo Jr., Aliona Baumgarner, Gabriela Berumen, Evan Conkle, Corbin Hill

AB Honor Roll

12th Grade: Jenna Drum, Kaiden Epplett, Waylon Lowry, Mitxi Santillan Lopez, Alexander Sheehy, Mason Simpson
11th Grade: Grace Gardner, Janessa Jacobs, Daniel Knowles, Sierra Lawrence, Sandy Mendoza
10th Grade: Courtney Jackson, Hunter Oomen, Joseph Schwarz, Isabella Storm, Josiah Walker
9th Grade: Collin Chase, Angel Santillan Lopez
8th Grade: Alina Gonzalez-Mendoza, Jude Hasse, Ruebie Quinton, Addison Tienda, Cora White
7th Grade: Amaya Abbatoy, Marissa Amador, Martin Fetterhof, Bryce Garrett, Angel Gonzalez-Mendoza, Abdel Lopez, Jordan Oomen
6th Grade: Krysten Amador, Izybelle Ashbrook, Lazarus Banwell, Sarissa Conkle, Kelsey Garrett, Larry Martinez, Paige Sadenwater, Ayla White
5th Grade: Emmaus Banwell, Daniel Crew, Kalissa Epplett, Kyra Epplett, Logan Hill, Macy Oomen, Anthony Shafer, Levie Wemple, Trinden Worcester
4th Grade: Cypress Banwell, Jaxson Oomen, Alyssa Shafer, James Steffes

Mykaela Berumen 1000th point!

Senior Mykaela Berumen reached her 1000th point in basketball on Wed., March 17.

Making constellations with marshmallows and sticks

Mrs. Walker's class enjoying the snow

Congratulations to our January Student of the Month recipients:

Cameron Tracey
Cadence Peets
Joseph Schwarz
Kennedy Storms
Gabino Rodriguez
James Hasse
Courtney Jackson
Zeontae DeLaPaz
Haylee Amador
Sandy Mendoza
Mykaela Berumen
Cora White
Josiah Walker
Julie S
Jenna Drum
Elisha M
Courtney Jackson
Hudson Wolgamott
Ryan Hill
James Hasse
Daniel Knowles
Sara Sierra
Daniel Balderas
Jewel DeWitt
Bow Jacobs
Jewell DeWitt
Isabel Babbin
Isabella Diaz
Aubrey Houston

2nd Marking Period A & AB Honor Roll kids

Congratulations to the Marking Period 2 “A Honor Roll” Students:
12th Grade: Mykaela Berumen, James Hasse, Nancy Rivera, Mitxi Santillan Lopez, Mason Simpson
11th Grade: Janessa Jacobs, Daniel Knowles, Sierra Lawrence
10th Grade: Courtney Jackson, Hunter Oomen, Isabella Storm
9th Grade: Macy Garrett, Andrea Rivera
8th Grade: Azaliah MacDonald, Cora White
7th Grade: Lexi Oomen, Heaven Rodriguez
6th Grade: Lazarus Banwell
5th Grade: Isabel Babbin, Marrison Simpson
4th Grade: Evan Conkle

Congratulations to the Marking Period 2 “AB Honor Roll” Students:
12th Grade: Jenna Drum, Jared Lopez, Sarah Sierra
11th Grade: Lilian Fessenden, Jesus Santillan-Lopez,
10th Grade: Chloe Masta
8th Grade: Madysen Church-Nichols, Jaymes Conklin, Mateo Fetterhof, Alina Gonzalez-Mendoza, Jude
Hasse, Addison Tienda
7th Grade: Amaya Abbatoy, Alyssa Carr, Braden Crew, Bryce Garrett, AJ Gonzalez-Mendoza, Abdel
Lopez, Maria Rodriguez, Valerie Salinas
6th Grade: Krysten Amador, Kelsey Garrett, Larry Martinez, Paige Sadenwater
5th Grade: Emmaus Banwell, Daniel Crew, Logan Hill, Kelly Masta, Macy Oomen, Anthony Shafer, Tyvon
Sprague, Trinden Worcester
4th Grade: Cypress Banwell, Aliona Baumgarner, Gabriela Berumen, Alyssa Shafer

Virtual Concert

November Students of the Month

Here is a picture of our November Student of the Month kids who were present for pictures, with the list of students: 

Cameron Tracey
Mercedes Jobbin
Courtney Jackson
Wyatt Achterhof
Lilian Fesseden
Gage Mannor
Chloe Masta
James Hasse
Andrea R
Ricardo S.
Colter Walker
Hunter Oomen
Sarah Sierra
Janessa Jacobs
Mykaela Berumen
Clela Amador
Larissa Avonce
Onyx Fulford
Zoey Knapp
Anthony Shafer
Krysten Amador
Alyssa Shafer
Liah Avonce
Scarlett Alley

November 16th - November 29th

Our Book Fair is online! Support our school and help your child discover new books, favorite characters, complete series, and more! You’ll love the fun new option to shop for Book Fair exclusives directly from the interactive booklist and enjoy free shipping on book-only purchases over $25.
English Flyer   Spanish Flyer

Appreciation Boxes

The Community Foundation For Oceana County is putting appreciation boxes together for our Oceana County health care workers. A few of our classes participated. 
Pictured below is Danielle Siegel with the Foundation and some cards. 

Halloween Activities

Doors:  Our teachers decorated their doors for Countdown to Halloween Week. 
Mrs. Boes and Ms. Wilkinson dressed as a milk & cookie delivering milk & cookies to our Preschool classroom for the Halloween party. 

Mrs. Walker’s (Mrs. Byers sub teacher) had a cookie decorating party today.  These cookie kits were from Merten Farms in Hart Michigan.