Want to feel great about the holiday season, the New Year, and the future?

There’s a simple way to do this.

Just “Embrace the Magic” in every special moment that comes your way!

That’s it.
Can’t get much simpler than this!

Of course, during this time of year, many of our special moments involve the joy of being with our loved ones and friends.

As well they should.

As often, our special moments come to us in the tender memories of times from long ago and the quiet recollections of individuals who are no longer able to be with us.

It’s important for us to reflect on these, too.

But there’s no doubt about, we’re blessed to have that special magic in the air –  and I’m proud to tell you that the Walkerville school family has been stirring up its own kind of teaching and learning magic since day one of the 2019-2020 school year.

I can’t express how grateful I am to be a part of a school where students, teachers, staff, parents, and community care so deeply about each other and are committed to making WPS an outstanding place to learn.

Together, we have been making great progress in –

  • promoting increased student achievement
  • providing a diverse and challenging curriculum
  • improving school safety and expectations for behavior
  • offering more cutting edge technology
  • encouraging our talented staff to grow professionally

Our new school-wide “Wildcat Time” sessions are receiving rave reviews, as students are enjoying learning peer-to-peer with other students who have similar interests and instructional needs, regardless of grade level.

In WPS, we so many positives to carry into 2020.

I’m grateful the trustees on our WPS Board of Education are looking ahead as well… even beyond next year!

As is their responsibility and stewardship to you, they have been diligently assessing our building and infrastructure needs to determine if our school facilities can better support the achievement of our students and their future success.

They know students, staff, and parents can’t make learning magic happen without the proper support.

Our board members understand finding a way to conservatively fund major repairs and infrastructure improvements for our school is another critical component.

So please stay tuned about the request they are making.  

For more than a year, our Board has held a number of public meetings, has conducted expert-led facility audits, and has now made the decision to call an election and ask our community to allow WPS to create and fund a “sinking fund.”

Unlike a long-term building bond proposal, a “sinking fund” is a pay-as-you-go account used solely for major repairs, smaller scale renovations, and infrastructure upgrades. No interest costs are incurred.

Many Michigan districts have turned to “sinking funds” as the most conservative and financially responsible way to keep their schools well-maintained and operating efficiently.

Sinking funds are often said to be the resource that helps districts keep their students and staff “warm, safe, and dry.”  Sinking fund dollars cannot be used for salaries, books, new uniforms, or band instruments.

Typically, a school board asks the community to approve a 3-5 year time limit on its sinking fund, and in WPS, we have the advantage of knowing our board’s requested 1 mill levy comes at a time our district’s long-term tax obligation of basically the same amount is ending.

I believe our trustees have done their best to arrive at a no-nonsense, much-needed, very conservative proposal to bring to you in an upcoming election.

I hope you will keep learning more about this – and also keep supporting us as in our school’s commitment to always keep “learning more” in our classrooms..

I invite you to “Embrace the Magic” this holiday season and do what you can to carry it with you into the New Year.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Tom Langdon, Superintendent