Jolene Babbin, 5th Grade Teacher

Phone: 231-873-4850 ext. 1234

email: jbabbin@walkerville.k12.mi.us

Jolene has been teaching in Walkerville since the turn of the century. (The year 2000, to be exact.)

Like her colleagues, she appreciates our district’s small size.

“You get to know everyone,” she said. “And what makes 5th grade special are the kids themselves. They are still excited to learn and try hard, while also being open and honest and more than willing to tell you what’s on their minds. I like that!”

Helping her younger brother with schoolwork at home while growing up sparked Jolene’s interest in teaching.

“I also had a great teacher named Mr. Krieger at Scottville-Mason County-Central,” she said. “He was my accounting and typing teacher – and I saw how his willingness to listen to students and always give extra support paid dividends.”

“I’d like to think I’m making a positive difference in the lives of my students, too,” she said.

Seeing the girls softball problem get off the ground last year after many years of not having a program is another one of Jolene’s high points. “It was so exciting to see the girls get their very first win of the season!” she notes.

Jolene is kind of a paradox when it comes to her free time.

She likes to relax by painting ceramics and her choice of music is Guns-n-Roses.

Most wouldn’t think those two go together – but they do for her!