Jennifer Kirwin – Paraprofessional/Web Manager

Britney Spears, Katy Perry…bubble gum pop along with rap music are some guilty pleasures of paraprofessional Jennifer Kirwin.  Need some advice on the best rap music to listen to while cleaning the house?!  Ask Jen!

Jennifer has been with Walkerville Public Schools for the past 5 years and works in the Responsible Thinking Classroom. The best part of her job is watching the students grow and being able to guide and teach them on how to make good choices.  After spending time together with her students and teaching them how to make better choices, Jen gets excited when her students put into action what they have learned.  

Jennifer grew up between Bitely and Walkerville.  She attended Walkerville Public Schools and graduated in 1994.  One of her favorite childhood books growing up was “A Wrinkle In Time”.  If you were to peek in her room now you would find one of the books from the Nora Roberts series on her nightstand.