Sheri Boes, Director of Food Service

phone: 231-873-4850 ext. 1234

email: kitchen@walkerville.k12.mi.us

When Sherri says she knows everyone in Walkerville, it’d be hard to argue.

She has been with the district for more than 25 years.

“We’re a small district, which certainly helps, but everyone is extra friendly here,” she said.

Sherri was a Wildcat grad herself and remembers Mrs. Lathrop as one of her favorite teachers. “Mrs. Richardson taught me to sing and dance in Kindergarten,” she recalls. “And both teachers made you feel that you were loved for who you are.”

“I like my job and I especially appreciate being able to talk with the students every day,” she said. “I’m able to hear about what’s happening in their lives and that’s pretty special.”

If ever you’re a game show and you need to guess Mrs. Boes favorite rock song… guess any song by Journey!