Walkerville Public Schools is located approximately 45 miles northeast of Muskegon, Michigan in Oceana County.
The general area is comprised mainly of farming communities. Those who do not work on local farms generally find employment in surrounding cities.
Our school district serves approximately 240 students from kindergarten through 12th grade throughout the school year and generally serves an additional 40 to 50 students during the Autumn and Spring months.
These additional students typically move to southwestern states throughout the winter months where their families seek out seasonal employment.
Our district offers a range of programs that provide quality learning opportunities to meet the individual needs of students.
Because our size is small, teachers know our students well and strive to provide challenges which will help every student reach their unique potential.
Our school district employs 18 teachers in one K-12 building.
If you’re not already in the Walkerville school family, we’d love to welcome you. There’s always room for one more Wildcat!

• Small class sizes
• Personalized instruction provide by talented & friendly teachers
• 1:1 devices and advanced technology with 3D virtual lab classroom
• Online learning options with support
• Academic tutoring
• Variety of extra-curricular activities; art show, spring musical, quiz bowl, and more!

• Competitive and championship caliber athletic teams
• Family learning events
• Parent/Community Booster Club
• Ongoing investment in school infrastructure & learning spaces
• Partner supported after-school programs focused on academic success
• Nutrition, social, & mental health support
• Support & services for migrant families
• Project-based summer learning program for ALL students