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A Message about Back-to-School, Fall 2020

08-11-2020 Re: the WPS COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan We can be proud everyone in the WPS school family is committed to giving our students ...
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To everyone in the Walkerville WIldcat school family –

We miss seeing you!

The school board, administrators, teachers, and support staff are committed to providing quality online & distance learning experiences. As we follow the rules to protect everyone’s health and safety, we will do our best to continue building the futures of our students, fulfilling our educational mission, and giving you timely information in the midst of the global COVID-19 crisis.

We’re living in a new era. We all have to learn new ways to do things, and in many cases, this involves trial and error. But we won’t stand pat in WPS.  Our teachers, administrators, and staff are working hard to provide learning opportunities to every student in the short-term, so we can be ready when we are given the official “all clear” to re-open our school.

In the meantime, we ask YOU and every other student and parent to join us in a new adventure called REMOTE LEARNING.

We hope you’re ready to jump in and keep learning as we go, to be flexible, and to be extra-patient with each other all along the way.

We are the Wildcats.

We got this!

Dr. Tom Langdon, Superintendent
Mr. Joe Conkle, Principal

Here is where we will Post and Update Answers as Conditions and Mandates change

WPS is following the Executive Order of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to stay home, stay safe, and practice social distancing. She wants all of us do to our part in stopping the spread of highly contagious coronavirus (COVID-19).

Governor Whitmer’s order included the mandate that Michigan’s K-12  schools remain closed through the end of this school year, June 30.

No way! The Governor also expects every school district and its staff to prepare and provide instructional materials and REMOTE LEARNING opportunities for their students so education can continue despite the COVID-19 crisis.

Because school districts each have their own unique resources, strengths, and challenges, every school district is allowed to create its own Continuity of Learning Plan (COL).  Every school district must present its COL plan by April 28 to its regional educational support center, which for us, is the West Shore Educational Service District in Ludington.

Our WPS plan will outline how we will creatively stretch our ONLINE and OFFLINE learning resources to support a continuation of grade-level appropriate instruction to EACH ONE of our students.

While there are many factors we must consider, including the lack of internet access, special needs, distribution logistics, and the fact that online learning is difficult for our students in our early grades, we are excited about the challenge.

While keeping our standards and expectations high, we’re embracing the challenge to provide quality REMOTE LEARNING experiences and materials to every student. We hope YOU will help us by being patient with both us and your student – and by staying on top of the WPS communications we send you.

All we ask of every student is to make her or his best effort.

As of April 13, our Continuity of Learning Plan (COL) has been approved by the West Shore Educational Service District. Elementary COL, Middle School COL, High School COL

So this week, April 13-17, WPS is continuing to actively coordinate and create our grade-level lessons.

Staff is creating our grade-level lessons in “two week” segments, as we will deliver our learning resource packets beginning Wednesday, April 22, and keep doing this on a bi-weekly basis.

More information will be posted here.

Remember, our goal is to provide learning support for our students WITHOUT adding more stress on you and your family. All we ask is that you do what you can.

Know that we’re here to help and you can reach out to us anytime.

We want every student to make their best effort in the course of fulfilling our remote learning plan.

All WPS students who were adequately passing their classes at the time of our school closure will be advanced to the next grade level.

Additionally, all students not currently earning passing grades when our school was closed will be given opportunities as part of our approved REMOTE LEARNING plan to demonstrate they have met their required coursework to earn credit.  

Please contact us at (231) 873-4850 to arrange to pick up a chromebook during our Wednesday meal pick-ups. Also, we have made sure hard copies of all of our learning materials are available so no one has to worry about not having a device, no internet access, or poor wi-fi.  

The Governor’s directive was clear, in that no student should be negatively impacted due to this crisis, Every student who was adequately passing their classes at the time of our school closure will be advanced to the next grade level. Additionally, all students not currently earning passing grades when our school was closed will be given opportunities over the next few weeks to demonstrate they have met their required coursework to earn Credit for the class.  We will be utilizing a Credit or No Credit grading scale for the remainder of the year.  

Please call (231) 873-4850 to ask us to gather up these items for you. We will make sure they get to you at our Wednesday meal pick-ups. 

It saddens all of us that the Covid-19 crisis has significantly impacted what should have been one of the most special years for our grads. But we will not overlook the hard work so many of our seniors have already put into their classes. Credit will be awarded to students based upon the recommendations of our teachers that adequate progress was achieved, in accordance with Gov. Whitmer’s executive order.  

We are committed to properly honoring our graduates in Walkerville’s Class of 2020. Just because the COVID-19 crisis forced us to close our school does not mean we are not proud of the accomplishments of our grads! We are actively discussing and exploring all possible alternatives for much-deserved recognitions and celebrations. More information will be posted here as well as on our WPS Facebook page.

Yes, but new plans need to be developed in this area, too. We are updating our enrollment process and will post them here and on the WPS Facebook page soon. It may be weeks away, but we still hope to have a Kindergarten Round-up event of some kind.

In times like these, it’s important we’re able to communicate with you quickly. We want to be able to email and text you updates or requests right away. Please complete the form below to provide us your contact information. We will respect your privacy and only use your contact info to reach you with timely school-related news. Thank you!

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