Recent Visit Wows MDE Official

Did you know March 4-8 is School is National School Breakfast Week?

As part of this event Phil Chase, the Assistant Director of MDE’S Office of Health and Nutrition toured our entire school on Monday and came away impressed.

He saw positive teaching and learning in action and felt he had discovered a school district that exists as a “hidden gem” in our state.

Mr. Chase praised Director Sheri Boes and our food service department for delivering a “fantastic” breakfast program which demonstrated care for the whole child and extra support for youngsters prior to the school day.

What Mr. Chase observed in our school – as he visited with students and staff – was solid instruction and high expectations in every domain, from reading to math, from respect for each other to smooth times of class transitions.

I’m sure everyone in the Walkerville school family will hear more about the commitment to developing and nurturing the “Whole Child” in the future and I hope we all take pride we’re helping to lead the way in this.

Mr. Chase visited our school on a typical school day and saw it in action for himself.

He didn’t see us on a special day or see us carrying out a special performance.

He saw our school for what it is – a great place to be and grow.

Thank you.