Congratulation Seniors!

Julianna Sheehy shares her story

“I got accepted into 10 universities but I’m choosing to go to Lake Superior State University. I will be working towards my bachelors degree in psychology. In my time at Walkerville I’ve been in student council since I was a sophomore, I also am Vice President of the class of 2022. I have ran cross, track and played basketball my entire middle and high school career. I started playing softball my sophomore year and look forward to senior year! A few of my favorite memory’s from Walkerville are when my class went and visited colleges, as well as my basketball and cross team, there was never a dull moment with them. One of my proudest moments at Walkerville would have to be when I wrote a story on my grandmothers cancer and how she was my hero and I got first place in the writing contest. What I will miss most about Walkerville is the staff and all my friends. I never felt alone when I was in the school, I always had friends and people that cared and I will always feel homesick for my high school. I will cherish many of the memories I made while in high school and I will carry them with me wherever I go in life.”

We always love watching her compete and look forward to seeing her future accomplishments. Way to go, Julie!

Janessa shares her story

“I got accepted into Muskegon Community College. I really got into 5 university’s & a couple community colleges, but this is the one I wanted. I’m going to be working towards a master’s degree in social work, planning on getting my pre-recs done at MCC, and hopefully transferring over to Ferris or MSU.
I am student council president and have played softball since 3rd grade. But recently quit playing due to wanting to work & save money. Some of my good memories from Walkerville are going over to the park with my classmates and going to basketball games with friends .
I took Health Occupations my junior year and am now taking Allied Health through the CTE program at West Shore Community College. I’m going to miss being part of this family. I’ve always felt at home here.”

Janessa is always a great friend and always has a smile on her face. WPS is so proud of her accomplishments this far. We look forward to watching her dreams come true.

Lilian Fessenden shares her story

Congratulations to our Senior, Lilian Fessenden. Lilian applied to a whopping 45 colleges and was accepted into each one. Her goal was to be accepted into Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem, NC. She currently received her acceptance letter and will be attending there next Fall. Lilian will be working towards a degree in nursing.

Lilian attended Allied Health and Health Education classes at CTE her Junior & Senior year. She said that taking these classes during high school has already created job opportunities for her. After graduation she can be a CNA or Phlebotomist and would definitely recommend Walkerville students take courses through CTE.

Lilian has been a member of YAC, TOPPC, Student Council, played clarinet in our band, plays softball, keeps stats in the score books for athletics, and has helped organize many events & dances throughout her Walkerville years. When asked what her favorite memory was from Walkerville she said “Writing Santa letters and handing them out.” Lilian also says the people here are what she will miss the most.

Lilian definitely makes a plan and sticks to it. We are so proud of her accomplishments and wish her the best in her academic future success!