What’s the best way to approach a new year?

2019 is here!

How are you going to approach the New Year?

This is not an insignificant question.

Some people approach a new year with a bit of fear, almost afraid of what changes are in store.

Others like to ring in every New Year with new resolutions, each one directed toward some area of personal growth – only to give up entirely on their good intentions well before February.

While others see the New Year as a time to embrace new opportunities.

It’s my hope that this is the approach we will take in our Walkerville School family, that we protect and promote our cherished traditions … while also being open to the new opportunities that come our way.

We never want to overlook the mini-miracles which take place in our classrooms everyday. They always need to be recognized!

And appropriately incorporating new methods and technologies into our traditions and instructional practices is the best way to ensure that WPS delivers quality educational experiences well beyond 2019.